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On- and off-road engines

Action 6.1: Annual engine emission testing


Area of action
On- and off-road engines
Annual engine exhaust maintenance testing with focus on national PM2.5 emission standards on exported/imported vehicles
Type of intervention
Regulation/legislative proposals (on standards)
Time perspective
Structural change
Jurisdictional scope
International, national
Policy forum
UNECE, EU, national authorities

One way to get rid of “high-emitting” vehicles is to measure black carbon emissions in regular schemes for testing of environmental performance during motor vehicle inspections – with the important action of banning the use of the vehicle until the engine exhaust system meets certain black carbon emission standards. Alternatively, one could add control of black carbon emissions as a part of the manufacturer’s engine maintenance programmes or engage in a roadside engine exhaust campaign. An example is recent vehicle inspection initiative recently in Spain following evaluation and testing of the Spanish case.