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Action 5.2: Emission reductions through national and sub-national actions

Regulation and development of standards for international shipping can be supported by national and sub-national actions.


Area of action
Emission reductions through national and sub-national actions: such as setting limits on black carbon emissions, fuel switching policies, mandatory shoreside power requirements, etc.
Type of intervention
Regulation/legislative proposals, Economic incentives
Time perspective
Short- to intermediate term
Structural change
Incremental with contribution to transitional change
Jurisdictional scope
International, National, Sub-national
Policy forum
National and local authorities, international organisations and initiatives

Such actions, including local measures such as port restrictions, would reduce emissions from both international and in-country shipping (Arctic Council 2019), curbing a development that would otherwise be likely to increase emissions in the Arctic. An example is a declaration of the Nordic Council of Ministers aimed at increased use of port electricity (instead of on-board diesel generators) by cruise ships for fulfilling their energy needs when at berth.