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Domestic heating

Action 4.1: Information on the benefits and techniques of “burn right”

The burn-from-the-top technique, considered to reduce black carbon emissions from ovens and stoves, is still recent knowledge, and more information activities are needed for it to reach the general population using wood stoves and to result in behavioural changes. Attempts have been done – a good example is the Finnish actor Roman Schatz teaching Fins how to light and maintain their sauna stoves, but more and innovative educational efforts are needed.


Area of action
Domestic heating
Information on the benefits and techniques of “burn right”
Type of intervention
Information and guidance
Time perspective
Short-term, ongoing
Structural change
Jurisdictional scope
National & Sub-national
Policy forum
National authorities (e.g. those responsible for fire safety and/or environmental protection), associations of producers and providers of heating equipment

New measures to reach the target audience may include:

  • ‘Fireplace consultants' coming to people’s homes and spreading information about “burning right”. For this to be not too expensive measure it should be coupled with other services such as fire safety inspections. This type of consulting can also be performed by chimney sweeps or educated volunteers, e.g. representing national stove & fireplace expert associations or non-government organisations.
  • Targeted information through wood providers. Pamphlets with step-by-step guides to burn-right could be enclosed in wood fuel sold to population.
  • The stove/fireplace providers could be obliged to teach people who buy a fireplace how to burn right in that particular fireplace. For example, the fireplace provider Nordpeis has a model-specific information video on how to burn right.
  • International exchange of experience on effective means to provide information on ‘burn right’.